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Who is this guy?

James Tomlin, also known by his stage name  NOMALY (nom-uh-lee), is an American R&B singer-songwriter, Author, Actor, Comedian, Designer and Entrepreneur who has proven to be a modern day renaissance man. ​Comedy comes natural for James as he is a born entertainer and you will usually catch him creating characters and impersonating anyone spot on. Even before a musical performance if you put a mic in front of him he will typically make the crowd laugh.

Today you can see his creative inspiration in all media and now in his very own shoe and clothing line.

James Tomlin
"James Tomlin is one of the funniest and entertaining people I have had the pleasure of seeing..."

An obvious paid reviewer

"Is there nothing this guy can't do? Singer! Creative Writer! Comedian! Actor!"

James Tomlin

"He's so stupid... I mean he's gone past funny... he's just plain stupid and I love him"

A friend of the family...also paid.

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